American Architecture and Human Habitation

Architecture, Habitat, and Society

The American Institute of Architects 

Architecture for Humanity

Book -- Design like you give a damn : architectural responses to humanitarian crises

Book -- American architecture : a history 


Historical News and Educational Films

Database -- Historical NY Times

Database -- Films on Demand -- "Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world."


Non-Federal Housing Projects and Advocacy

Habitat for Humanity 

National Coalition for the Homeless (see also Federal Housing Assistance Programs Fact Sheet


Federal Housing Projects and Immigrant Tenements

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Web Article -- Government’s role in low income housing

Columbia University Web Article -- Living Together: Tenements Federal Housing

Tenement Museum (see also Virtual Tour of 97 Orchard Street) 


American Chinatowns

Library of Congress Presentation: Chinese Immigration

Chinatown San Francisco

WSU Historical Overview -- Chinese Americans in the Columbia River Basin

NPR -- American Chinatown Through Residents Eyes 

NPR -- The Changing Face of Chinatown

Associated Press -- Urban U.S. Chinatowns Wane as Asians Head to Suburbs 

Foghorn Online Web Article -- Chinatown’s Challenges in Infinite City Discussion

Book -- “American Chinatown : a people’s history of five neighborhoods” by Bonnie Tsui, 2010 (request ILL through WorldCat catalog)


Japanese Internment Camps

National Archives -- Japanese Relocation and Internment During World War II

Smithsonian -- Letters from the Japanese American Internment

National Museum of American History -- Japanese Americans and the U.S. Constitution -- The Japanese American Legacy Project

PBS Documentary -- Children of the Camps

Exploring the Japanese American Internment Through Film & the Internet

Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco



NY Times Web Article -- The Guantanamo Docket

NPR -- Guantanamo at 10: U.S. Weighs Future of Detainees 

History News Network -- How Did Guantanamo Become a Prison?

Jurist Online Web Article -- Guantanamo Bay


Homeless Shelters

American Family Housing 

National Coalition for the Homeless


Urban Density

National Multi Housing Council Report – Higher-Density Development: Myth and Fact Center for Design Excellence Web Article -- Density 


The Rise of the Suburbs

Book -- “Architecture and suburbia: from English villa to American dream house, 1690-200” by John Archer, 2005 (request ILL through WorldCat catalog)


American Orphanages and Foster Care

U.S. Department of Health & Human Service Child Welfare Information Gateway -- Orphanages

Johns Hopkins University Magazine Web Article  -- The Rise and Demise of the American Orphanage

Scientific American Web Article -- Orphanages Rival Foster Homes for Quality Child Care

Book -- Home Away From Home: The Forgotten History of Orphanages

Book -- “Children and youth in adoption, orphanages, and foster care : a historical handbook and guide” by Lori Askeland, 2006 (request ILL through WorldCat catalog)


American Indian Schools

American Indian Relief Council Web Article -- Boarding Schools Web Article -- Archeology of the Phoenix Indian School

University of Illinois -- An Indian Boarding School Photo Gallery

NPR -- American Indian Boarding Schools Haunt Many

NPR -- American Indian School a Far Cry From the Past


FEMA Housing -- National Disaster Housing Strategy Resource Center

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -- Indoor Air Quality and Health in FEMA Temporary Housing

Office of Inspector General -- Future Directions of FEMA’s Temporary Housing Assistance Program

Congressional Research Service -- FEMA Disaster Housing: From Sheltering to Permanent Housing


Katrina FEMA Trailers

Daily Finance Web Article -- The Awful Odyssey of FEMA’s Hurricane Katrina Trailers

Louisiana State University Web Article -- The FEMA Trailer Parks: Negative Perceptions and the Social Structure for Avoidance


Tent Cities

BBC Web Article -- America’s Homeless Resort to Tent Cities

Business Insider Web Article -- America Today: Heartbreaking Pictures From New Jersey’s Homeless Tent City

National Coalition for the Homeless -- Tent Cities in America: A Pacific Coast Report 

Fox News Web Article -- Economic Woes Lead to Proliferation of Tent Cities Nationwide


Sears Catalog Homes -- Historic Homes -- Sears Modern Homes

Downer’s Grove Economic Development Corporation -- The American Dream by Mail Order

PBS History Detectives -- Investigations Sears Home -- Sears Catalog Homes: Cedars House Plan

Book -- “The houses that Sears built: everything you ever wanted to know about Sears catalog homes” by Rosemary Thornton, 2004 (request ILL through WorldCat catalog)


Green Living, Geodesic Domes, Biosphere, and Bucky Fuller

Environmental Protection Agency -- Green Homes  and Green Communities 

Sierra Club Green Home

Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation -- Geodesic Dome -- Geodesic Dome Homes 

NPR -- Living in a Geodesic Dome Home

Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller Institute 

University of Arizona -- Biosphere 2

Database -- GREENR

Book -- Domebook 2 (on reserve – visit the circulation desk to see this item)