Info Lit @ WWCC

Vision: In support of  WWCC institutional and library missions the WWCC Library will create and promote an instruction program that includes incremental development of information literacy concepts across the WWCC curriculum in order to provide a culture of discerning and ethical information seeking and usage among our students, faculty and staff.

WWCC Mission & Goals

WWCC Library Mission Statement

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Define and discuss questions in order to develop research questions.
  • Experience information seeking strategies and tools in order to brainstorm processes for meeting one's own information needs.
  • Work with a variety of sources and technologies in order to identify and use appropriate resources for information needs.
  • Critically evaluate a variety of sources in order to use the most valuable information available.
  • Work alone or in groups effectively to organize information in different forms in order to synthesize findings.
  • Discuss and practice legal and ethical use of information in order to avoid plagiarism and copyright violation.

To find out more please see the PDF WWCC Information Literacy Plan, or contact:

Stacy Prest
Director of Library Services
(509) 527-4294
[email protected]