Campus Contact information Safety & Security

Contact Information:

Clarkston Campus  1470 Bridge Street
Business Office 509-758-3339
Toll Free 877-471-6629
Fax 509-758-1725

Campus Facility Contact: (509) 758-1711 or (509) 758-1703 (Assistance can be provided 8-5, M-F)

First Response Team: 1701/758-1701

Campus Escorts after 5pm: 509-254-3224 (M-F)


"If in doubt about the health or wellness of a person on Campus, do call 911, or 9-911 from a Campus phone."

 "In all situations, safety of students and employees is our #1 priority."

Walla Walla Community College strives to provide a safe and secure environment for students, staff, and campus visitors. This web page has been developed to make campus safety information readily available.