Your First Quarter

The first quarter at any institution can be overwhelming. This webpage is designed to be your touchstone in the first quarter here. Please come back here as often as you like to find helpful tutorials as well as contact information for people who can help. We want you to be successful, and we hope that this webpage offers some insight into the tools and tasks that will make your first class go smoothly.

In addition to the actual teaching of your course(s) there are a few administrative tasks that help us to track our students, maintain our accreditation and ensure that our students get a seamless and quality education.

Contact the Help Desk to get your college network account activated, so that you may use the college email (web mail or Outlook), login to campus PC's, CCNET o the web etc... You should store your PIN# in CCNET, so that you may get SSO (Single Sign On) access to Instructor Briefcase and Earnings History etc. from CCNET.

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Master Course Outline

  • The Master Course Outline (MCO) is the course master from which faculty create courses. You can find the MCO for a particular course by clicking Academics > Programs A-Z > (Your Program) > Courses > (Your Course).
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  • Due to new regulations, textbook titles must be available to students long before the course starts. Please order your textbooks by the deadline each quarter. Reminders of the quarterly deadline are sent to faculty email regularly. Textbook order information can be found via the college bookstore.
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Syllabus Content

  • A syllabus is like a contract between the faculty member and the students in the course. As such, certain elements must be included for students to be successful. The following required items should be on your syllabus: your name, the course name, course time/day/location, textbook name and IBSN number (13 digit one), course description from the MCO, course outcomes from the MCO, grading and attendance policies in your course, and the following diabilities statement:

To request accommodations related to a disability, contact Claudia Angus, Ph.D., Coordinator of Disability Support Services, at 509.527.4262 or email

  • Syllabi may also include: a course outline by week, helpful links, resources, or other important information/directions (especially if using any web based tools, software, etc.)
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Upload Syllabus

  • All syllabi must be uploaded so that students can find it from WWCC's general website. To do this, we use a tool called the Online Course Administrator (OCA) located in the employee portal (CCNET). To access the OCA, you will need a NetID and password. 
  • You can login to the OCA using your employee ID and employee PIN here. Your employee PIN is the same one you would use to login to Instructor Briefcase and should have been provided to you when became a WWCC employee. If you don't know your employee PIN you can obtain it by contacting the payroll office at (509) 527-4205. We suggest you do obtain your employee PIN and save it in CCNET using the link titled MANAGE LOGINS inside CCNET. Doing so automates access to several key applications from CCNET because that PIN is required by those applications and used by CCNET to access them. To access CCNET you will need to contact the WWCC Help desk (509) 527-4357 or and request your NETID account be activated and you be given a password.
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Class Roster/Assigned Room

  • Class Rosters can be found in multiple ways.
    1. Students will show in the "people" list in our learning management system Canvas within the specific course shell.
    2. Student rosters can be accessed via the Instructor Briefcase in the employee portal (CCNET).
    3. Class Rosters can also be found in ADP and the Student Portal Communicator.
  • To find out which room you will teach in, check the roster page in your Instructor Briefcase for time and location information. (Instructor Briefcase directions are available here). Online courses will be listed as ARR for this information.
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Use Support Services

  • The Faculty Tools page provides links to many helpful resources.
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Report No Shows/Early Academic Warning

  • No Show Reporting and Early Academic Warnings are two reports faculty must complete early in the quarter. Both are found in the employee portal (CCNET). The Registrars office and VP of Instruction will send out reminders to faculty email addresses of when these reports are due. To view available tutorials click here.
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Upload Final Grades

  • Grades may be uploaded to the Instructor Briefcase (IBC), found in your CCNET (which uses the SID and PIN to login not the college network password),  starting finals week of each quarter. Look for the additional "grades" link to appear in your IBC at that time.