Associate in Arts Degree Requirements

(Direct Transfer Agreement)

This degree is designed for students planning to transfer to a baccalaureate institution with junior standing. Students pursuing this degree should plan their programs at Walla Walla Community College in accordance with the requirements of the institution to which they plan to transfer.

To earn the Associate in Arts Degree (AA), a student must complete at least 90 credit hours in designated college transfer courses numbered 100 or above with a minimum college-level GPA of 2.0, and include a minimum of 63 credit hours in general education courses to fulfill the learning outcomes as described in this section.





Associate in Arts - DTA*

This degree is designed to transfer to bachelor's of arts degrees at Washington public four-year institutions. This degree is appropriate for students planning to major in the arts, humanities and social sciences.


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Important Requirements for the AA-DTA Degree

Intermediate Algebra Proficiency

All students must be proficient in intermediate algebra. This requirement may be satisfied by completion of high school mathematics through second year algebra (as determined by WWCC Math Department review of HS transcript), by course challenge or other placement examination demonstrating mastery of intermediate algebra skills, or by completion of an intermediate algebra course equivalent to MATH 095 with a minimum grade of C- or a mathematics course for which intermediate algebra is a prerequisite.

Electives                                           24 credits

Other college-level courses, of which a maximum of 15 credits may be in college-level as defined by WWCC (please see ICRC List - Column 3) and 9 credits shall be fully transferable as defined by the receiving Institution (please see ICRC List - Column 2).

Diversity Requirement for the AA-DTA - Effective Fall 2010

The diversity requirement is in support of the values of our college. Courses meeting the WWCC Diversity requirement are distributed throughout the General Education categories and are double-designated with other distribution requirements. New students starting at WWCC Fall 2010 and after are required to complete one diversity D ^ course.

Important Notice

Important Notice

Within the Associate in Arts Degree, 75 of the 90 credits should be fully transferrable as defined by the receiving baccalaureate institution. Transfer students should plan their degrees in accordance with the requirements of the institution to which they plan to transfer. They should also be aware that colleges within universities may have admission requirements significantly higher than the 2.0 GPA required for the AA Degree and that they may look at performance in specific classes in determining a student's admission.

Selecting the appropriate courses in fulfilling the AA Degree saves students time and expense in completing the requirements of a bachelor's degree. Courses that are considered upper division (junior-senior level) at a baccalaureate institution may need to be repeated if taken at a community college.

Students may meet graduation requirements in the catalog current at the time of their initial enrollment, provided enrollment toward their educational objective is continuous (from quarter to quarter) during the academic years involved. Otherwise, graduation requirements will be those listed in the catalog in use at the time of graduation.

Students intending to transfer courses from professional-technical degrees should consult with department advisor, transfer center staff, and advisor at the baccalaureate institution where they plan to transfer.

AA-DTA Degree Requirements

AA-DTA Degree Requirements




13 credits






15 credits

Natural Science


15 credits

Quantitative Skills


5 credits

Social Science


15 credits

Physical Education


3 credits



24 credits

AA-DTA Degree Total


90 credits

*New students starting at WWCC Fall 2010 and after are required to complete one diversity D^ course. This is met through distribution areas and does not increase the # of credits required for the degree.