Contact the WWCC Business Office at 509.527.4208 for:

  • to get amount owed
  • pay by credit card over phone
  • other payment options

  Pay with Credit Card

 Automatic Payment Plan

 Need SID and Global PIN to pay by Credit Card


 Need SID and amount owed.

 Amount owed can be retrieved by:

  1. calling the Business Office at 509.527.4208
  2. logging into the Credit Card Payment page with your SID and PIN. (After logging in you will see a page with your amount owed.)

 You can login to setup a Automatic Payment Plan by logging into MyWWCC - Clicking MyWWCC Home link on the top-left corner - followed by clicking the Financial tab. There you will be given the choice to make payments using the Automatic Payment Plan.

 Click here for more information about the Automatic Payment Plan