2015 Sessions

Sessions take place from 11:30am-1:30pm* at the William A Grant Water & Environmental Center at Walla Walla Community College.  The sessions are duplicated on the second date, so please register for the date most convenient for you.

2015 Curriculum Description for Sessions offered through November



APRIL 21 and 22, 2015    Susan Newton of Development Strategies Plus will explore Peter Drucker's comment that "culture eats strategy for breakfast." She will focus on the power of culture, i.e. what is it, why it is important, and how do you change it to build and sustain the capacity of an organization. Susan will include a high level assessment of your culture, your pivotal role in impacting it, and an action plan to address "what next?" for your organization.     Click Here to Register.  

MAY 21 and 22, 2015    Andy Robinson, noted national consultant, trainer, and author, addresses "Mobilize Your Board to Raise More Money". Andy will explore why boards don't raise money and outline practical strategies to inspire them to become involved and effective.  He also will be available for 1-hour consultations with individual nonprofit organizations.

JUNE 9 AND 10, 2015   Jim Byrnes, executive director of Friends of Children of Walla Walla, is a certified Lean Leader trained in Lean Methodologies.  Although LEAN originally was designed for manufacturing firms, it has been adapted to the nonprofit field by agencies such as Group Health Cooperative and others.  Jim will focus on communication and work flow using LEAN methods along with development of cross-functional teams and team building.

SEPTEMBER 15 and 16, 2015     Susan Newton of Development Strategies Plus will address a topic currently relevant to the local nonprofit community.

OCTOBER 20 and 21, 2015    Jan McGowan of Jan McGowan Nonprofit Consulting will continue the conversation on "culture eating strategy for breakfast" by focusing on how culture impacts strategic planning, fundraising, and delivering programs in order to sustain the organization.  She also will address how it impacts conflict resolution within an organization.

NOVEMBER 17 and 18, 2015    Kay Sohl of Kay Sohl Consulting, Portland, Oregon will address the challenging reality of creating and maintaining a most effective board, including the identification and recruitment of board members who best complement one another as well as represent the optimum mosaic of talents for the organization.  Kay will focus on "why" a board would want truly "different" members and "how" to recruit, engage, and retain them.

2015 Session Dates at the Learning Center at WWCC's Water Center

April 21/22, 2015

May 21/22, 2015

June 9/10, 2015

September 15/16, 2015

October 20/21, 2015

November 17/18, 2015

Please note that the content for each session is repeated on the second date, i.e. these are not 2-day sessions with new material at each session.  Also, any PowerPoint presentation and handout material will be posted on the Learning Center's webpage, i.e.   www.wwcc.edu/learningcenter 



Past Sessions