2-15-17 Ready for Action: What is involved in serving on a nonprofit board? with Jeremy Sampson


Ready for Action PowerPoint Presentation

11-2-16 & 11-3-16 Digital Engagement: Developing Your Multi-Channel Strategy with Ash Shepherd of the Nonprofit Technology Network


Digital Engagement PowerPoint Presentataion

10-19-16 Fast Track Strategic Planning with Nancy Long of 501 Commons


Fast Track Strategic Planning PowerPoint Presentation

10-4-16 Preparing for the FLSA Overtime Rule Change

Nancy Kasmar of Compensation Connections

No materials available at this time.

9-27-16 & 9-28-16 Be the Champion of Your Cause: Advocacy for Nonprofits with Alison McCaffree of Washington Nonprofits


Champion Your Cause PowerPoint Presentation


Champion Your Cause Handout


Lobbying & Expenditures Test Pages


Who Represents Me

5-2-16 Online Philanthropy - How to Bring Your Nonprofit into Fundraising's Future

Kari Anderson of Incite! Consulting

Click on the following links:

Online Philanthropy PowerPoint Presentation

2015 Presentations

11-17-15 Creating & Maintaining an Effective Board

Kay Sohl of Kay Sohl Consulting

Click on the following links:

Creating & Maintaining an Effective Board PowerPoint Presentation

PDF Creating & Maintaining an Effective Board Handouts

10-20-15 The Impact of Culture

Jan McGowan of Jan McGowan Nonprofit Consulting

Click on the following links:

The Experience of Change Handout

Culture Worksheet

Culture: Impact on Organizational Strategies PowerPoint Presentation

Performance Plan and Appraisal Form

DOC Board Profile Grid

9-21-15 Building Effective Teams

Susan Newton of Development Strategies Plus

Click on the following links:

Leadership Lessons from the Geese

The Power of Teams Presentation

6-9-15 Do LEAN Methods Make Sense for Nonprofits

Jim Byrnes

No materials available.

3-27-15 Leadership, Teamwork & Trust: Building an Extraordinary Board-Staff Partnership

Sara Lawson with Shorthand Consulting

Presentation materials (click on each one):



3-18-15 Employee Engagement: Trends & Practices

Yvonne Freitas McGookin with 501 Commons Presented

Employee Engagement: Trends & Practices

501 Commons Human Resources & Leadership Education Programs and a panel of local HR professionals from the Blue Mountain Human Resource Management Association of Walla Walla shared ideas and best practices concerning: 1) The importance of employee engagement to reduce turnover and enhance the effective delivery of services. And 2) Current trends and practices in the area of employee engagement.

Click HERE to access Yvonne's PowerPoint Slides from the Presentation

2014 Session Materials

Oct. 28 & 29, 2014 Jessica Cook - Writing Successful Grant Proposals


PDF Writing Grant Proposals - Day 1

PDF Writing Grant Proposals - Day 2

Phone Script for Initial Outreach to Prospect


Oct. 21 & 22, 2014 Jan McGowan - Working with Volunteers


PDF Creating a Vision Statement

PDF Key & Episodic Volunteers

PDF Risk Mgmt Safety

PDF Solutions to Volunteer Challenges

PDF Volunteer Recognition

PDF Volunteer Rights

PDF Waiver Form

Sept. 18 & 19, 2014 Kay Sohl, Nikki Geiszler & Susan Thompson - Newer Banking Tools & Technology


June 10 & 11 Kay Sohl - Federal Funds Changes


May 20 & 21 Susan Newton - Navigating Change in Times of Uncertainty, Part II


April 15 & 16 Susan Newton - Impacting Board and Staff Relationships

PDF Presentation

March 15  Susan Howlett - Boards on  Fire Part 2

Barbara Grant's Change Diagrams

 Board Self-Assessments

 Brene Brown's TED Talk on vulnerability

 Dan Pallotta's TED talk on nonprofit overhead



2013 Session Materials

October 15 & 16 - Jan McGowan, The Importance of Donor Data


Database Needs Worksheet

Chart of Recommendations


September 17 & 18 - Bruce Toews, Financial Statements

PDF Presentation

June 11 & 12 - Susan Newton, How To Make Change!

PDF Presentation

May 14 & 15th - Kay Sohl, Dashboards for Nonprofit Boards

PDF Presentation


April 23 & 24 - Jan McGowan. Becoming a More Effective & Efficient Board


Effective Boards Meeting Agenda

Effective Boards Outline

Dashboard Sample


March 1 - Washington Nonprofits Governance Symposium

Opening Slide Presentation

Governance as Innovation & Teamwork

PDF Generative Curve


2012 Session Materials

November 27 & 28th - Michael Mettler of Achieva Marketing Group and Jock Edwards, A Peer-to-Peer, Q & A Conversation on Social Media

PDF Guide to Social Media Optimization

October 16 & 17- Michael Mettler of Achieva Marketing Group and Susan Newton of Development Strategies Plus

PDF Presentation

Sept 18 & 19 - Kay Sohl of Kay Sohl Consulting, Power Up Your Budget Process

PDF Presentation

June 12 & 13 - Bruce Toews, Associate Professor of Finance at Walla Walla University, Internal Controls: What are they? Why are they important?

PDF Presentation

PDF Sample Whisleblower Policy

PDF Sample Document Retention Policy


May 15 & 16 - Jan McGowan of Nonprofit Consulting, Planning For Mission Focused Fundraising.

PDF Presentation

PDF Fundraising Types and Sources

PDF Vision to Action Descriptions


April 17 & 18 - Lawson Knight of  Blue Mountain Community Foundation, The Board and Development.

PDF Presentation Materials


March 23rd Sherwood Trust workshop at Whitman Collge featuring Susan Misra, Senior Consultant with TCC Group.

 PDF Presentation

PDF Introductory Information

2011 Session Materials

November 15 & 16~Evaluations: Board Members & Executive Directors-A Key to Building Effective Organizations

Susan Newton of Development Strategies Plus

PDF Presentation

PDF Evaluating Your ED

ED review sample

Annual Evaluation of the Executive Director

Sample Ed Letter to BOD of Accomplishments

Sample Director Evaluation Form

Board Survey

PDF Board Self Assessment-Short

PDF Sample Board Self Assessment

PDF Board Self Assessment Results Sample

October 18 & 19~Tne Not-For-Profit Dilemma: Addressing tough issues while maintaining relationships

Carol Bowser of Conflict Management

PDF Presentation (PPT)

PDF Session Materials (pdf)

September 20 & 21~Collaboration

Kay Sohl of Kay Sohl Consulting

June 14 & 15~Understanding Nonprofit Financial Statements.
Presented by Bruce Toews, CPA/MBA, Associate Professor of Accounting/Finance at Walla Walla University School of Business.

March 25, 2011~Whitman College Annual Workshop

April 5 & 6~Fundraising: An Introduction to Best Practices.
Sonya Campion, CFRE, presenter.

May 3 & 4, 2011~Governance: Fine Tuning the Board of Directors.
Jan McGowan of Nonprofit Consulting.

2010 Session Materials

Below are materials from the 2010 sessions.  You can also find a copy of the Survey we sent out in March 2010 with the compiled results.  We thank everyone that participated in the survey.

  • Learning Center Survey Results (pdf)
    A summary of the results of 53 surveys received from Executive Directors/CEOs, Board members, staff and volunteers. Along with feedback from the monthly sessions, this information will be used to drive future content and topics.