The websites listed reflect those organizations and/or sites that provide information on issues relevant to non-profits.  Some may require that you join or pay a fee to access materials so we encourage you to review what each site has to offer and consider the value in light of your organization’s needs.



  • A practical, provocative, and fun food-for-thought source of information for nonprofit organizations.

Legal and Regulatory

    WAACO (Washington Attorneys Assisting Community Organizations) is an organization whose mission is "to promote community development and organizational capacity-building in Washington State by assisting charitable and community-based nonprofit organizations and low-income micro-entrepreneurs to obtain free legal assistance on business-related matters". Their website has a number of resources and many links to even more websites providing support to the nonprofit community. Under our "Tools" section you will find a Nonprofit Checklist that they have started.

Leadership and Management

    Visit 501 Commons for information and best practice resources, Weblinks, and listings of selected nonprofits experts, consultants, and service providers who have been recommended by nonprofits. Check out the Technology Resources Center, Online Volunteer Management Handbook, Resources for Boards, and information in more than a dozen topic areas.
    Compass Point NonProfit Services is a consulting research and training organization. It is a recognized leader in providing consulting and training programs in the area of succession planning and executive transitions that address turnover as an opportunity for renewal. Its website is rich with articles, checklists, templates and research.
    This provides a checklist for a nonprofit organization to identify its administrative strenghts and weaknesses.
    National Center on NonProfit Enterprise helps nonprofits make wise economic decisions.

Financial Management - A robust website that features more the 64 resources for anyone involved in nonprofit financial planning, monitoring, operations, or oversight - particularly nonprofit afterschool program providers. It is developed in partnership with the Wallace Foundation and Fiscal Management Associates, a national consulting firm.