Nursing Application Information





Q: I want to apply to your Associate Degree Nursing Program. How do I get started?
A: The most important step is to thoroughly read the Nursing PDF Admission Guide. You will find the information you need to apply to our program, as well as all necessary forms.


Q: When can I submit my application?
A: We accept applications between January 1 – April 15 each year. Please consult the Admission Guide, page 6 for specific details and exceptions. Returning or Transfer students may be eligible to apply at different times.


Q: How do I get a Degree Audit?
A: Please see the above link for instructions and a link to print your degree audit.


Q: Do you keep a waiting list?
A: No. We do not keep a waiting list from year to year.


Q: Do I need to take a Nursing Assistant class?
A: Yes! You must submit proof of having passed the CNA licensing exam (both written and skills sections) or produce a CNA license prior to starting the Associate Degree Nursing Program in the fall. For more answers to questions about the CNA requirement, click here.


Q: Where can I find a list of pre-requisites?
A: Please consult the PDF Admission Guide. Entrance requirements are listed on page 1, and support courses on page 5. Entrance requirements MUST be completed prior to admission. We strongly encourage students to complete as many of the Nursing support courses as possible prior to beginning the Nursing sequence. The grades earned from the support courses determine points earned toward your admission rating.


Q: Do you require the TEAS test or another entrance exam?
A: Not at this time.


Q: Will classes I am taking Spring Quarter count toward my points for admissions?
A: No. Only classes that are posted on your transcript and submitted by the application deadline will be counted toward your points.


Q: If I take a pre-nursing course at another college, will my credits transfer?
A: The way this is determined is by submitting your official transcripts from other schools and completing a Transcript Evaluation request form (last page of Admission Guide). Once your transcripts are evaluated by our Admissions Office, you will be able to print a Degree Audit. The Degree Audit will show you how your credits transferred over.