ITV Meeting Request Form

To schedule and ITV event use this form. Helpdesk staff will then schedule the request

ITV involves the use of large TVs and special equipment to connect two or more sites.  It supports audio and video and in some cases document sharing. Some ITV sites do not support document sharing so be sure to check before you use ITV for a meeting where it is important. 

Classes using ITV should be conducted in specially equipped rooms (see the maps) to ensure the best experience.

ITV is best used for large classes to known ITV sites (such as other college ITV rooms or other Walla Walla Community College ITV sites).  Extra planning is required.  Please contact the helpdesk well in advance of scheduling an ITV class and as early as possible for meetings.

Some ITV sessions require or request technical setup and support during the meeting but many staff and faculty and students can conduct their own ITV sessions once they learn a few basic procedures.  The Walla Walla Community College Technology Services Department can conduct training sessions for anyone desiring to learn how to support their own ITV sessions or Blackboard Collaborate or Conference phone sessions for that matter.


* Supports digital content sharing (Computer, Multiple Video Formats)

** Full classroom setup with digital content sharing, and live recorded video streaming capabilities (video streaming or recording must be approved in advance)


Main Bldg 1st Floor

Main Bldg 2nd Floor

  • RM 280 B *

Health Science & Performing Arts Center 1st Floor

  • RM 1706 **
  • RM 1707 **

Health Science & Performing Arts Center 2nd Floor

  • RM 1827 **
  • RM 1834 *
  • RM 1836 **



Water & Environmental Center

  • RM 2017
  • RM 2023 **
  • RM 2024 **

Clarkston Main Building

  • RM 164
  • RM 201**

Clarkston Health Science Bldg

  • RM 2105 **
  • RM 2107 **
  • RM 2122



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