eLearning FAQ's

Before the Quarter Begins


  • Check the eSchedule and note your instructor's name and email address.
  • Note any information in the footnote of the course description as this may tell you where to login, the start date of the course, etc.
  • Make sure your computer is up to the challenge of online learning. Check the technical requirements and be sure to download/install any software necessary. Find out what browser works best with the course platform. You can check Canvas requirements here, and MyMathLabs here.
  • Buy your books. 

Buying Textbooks


  • Textbooks are carried in our WWCC bookstore and can be purchased online. You may pick them up in person or request they be mailed to you. If you are getting them mailed, please allow plenty of time for them to be shipped to you. It is your responsibility to have your books when the course starts.

Know your Start Date


  • Most online courses start the same day face-to-face classes start. If your course starts on a different day, it will be noted in the footnote of the course description on the eSchedule.

During the Quarter 

  • Proctored Tests: If your course has exams that can't be taken online, it is your instructor's responsibility to make sure that both the Walla Walla testing center and Clarkston have the exams ready for you. The Walla Walla campus has a testing center located in room 236. There is no appointment necessary, but please call the testing lab at 509-527-4267 to check on hours of operation, or check our web site. Clarkston students please call 509-758-1718.
  • Email: Update your profile settings in your course to include your current email address. That way your instructors are able to contact you or reply to your questions.
  • Instructor Communication: Instructors should respond to your emailed/phoned questions within 24 hours (48 on the weekend). Online students should not expect replies any sooner than this, so it is good to avoid waiting until the last minute for help with assignments.
  • Verify Attendance for Financial Aid: The Financial Aid office will contact your instructor directly for verification. Be sure that you have been active in your online course so that your instructor knows you've been attending.

End of the Quarter 

  • Be sure you are aware of any final exams or projects, their due dates, and whether a proctored site is needed.
  • Download any documents you want to keep.
  • You will have access to the course site for 2 week after the end of the quarter in order to see your final grades.