History and Philosophy Resources

Find Articles (* WWCC Identification number required for off campus access.)

*Academic Search Premier: This is the largest collection of indexed full-text articles available through WWCC. The collection is interdisciplinary so be ready to find lots of articles on varying topics.

*ProQuest Research Library: Find scholarly research, trade publication, newspaper and magazine articles on a variety of topics. Many of the articles indexed in this database are full text.

Directory of Open Access Journals: A collection of scholarly reviewed open access journals. This is a multi-disciplinary database. Please check with your instructor to make sure they will accept open access journals.

*CQ Researcher: A great place look for controversial issues and in-depth background information on a variety of current topics. There may be some recent history issues to explore.

*Religion and Philosophy Collection: An essential tool for writing about religion and philosophy.

*Historical New York Times: Actual articles back to 1851 from one of the world's most respected newspapers.

European Views of the Americas: 1493-1750: A free database (from EBSCO) providing printed records about the Americas written in Europe before 1750. It covers the history of European exploration as well as portrayals of Native American peoples. A wide range of subject areas are covered; from natural disasters to disease outbreaks and slavery.

*National Newspapers Core: Search the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post all at the same time.

*Newspaper Source: Find news articles from around the world.

*Washington State Newsstand: Articles from newspapers such as the Seattle Times and Tri-City Herald.

*ArticleFirst: Index of more than 13,000 journals in many topic areas.

*Culturegrams: Find out about cultures, major exports and customs of countries and states around the world. This source includes basic encyclopedic review of country histories.

*World Almanac: Basic background information on all kinds of fascinating topics.

*Films on Demand: FOD Digital Education Video provides high-quality multimedia films for academic, vocational, and life-skills content.

Selected Websites

IRIS: Research can be confusing. Sometimes you need a little help, whether it be getting started or getting past certain hurdles.  The Information & Research Instruction Suite (IRIS) provides tutorial modules for each stage of the research process.  IRIS is designed to help the researcher find, use, and convey information efficiently and effectively with proper citations.

Library of Congress American History Topics: The US Library of Congress collects and curates a vast collection of varying resources on US history. This is a great place to find oral histories, letters from US soldiers, digitized versions of early advertising and much more. This page is organized by era in US History.

American Experience: American Experience is one of the top rated historical documentary shows currently produced. They created this companion website to help connect their show and research. While you can’t watch full episodes here, you can see trailers and find lots of historical information.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project: This collection of resources is an ambitious project hosted by Fordham University. The goal of the project is to link freely available historical data and digitized primary documents into three collections. Some links may be broken, but this is the most comprehensive of world-wide historical primary documents on the web.

Assignment Guides

Class/Assignment Guides by Topic: Visit here for additional resources for assignments dealing with specific topics or themes.