More Information:

When did Quest start?

Quest was started winter quarter 1998 and began with six classes, 94 enrollments, and 88 members. The enthusiasm for the learning institute was obvious from the beginning. It now has over 200 members a quarter and approximately 20-25 classes offered quarterly.

How are Quest classes chosen?

The Quest Steering Committee meets quarterly and makes suggestions to the Quest coordinator for classes they would like to have offered. Suggestions are also taken from instructors wishing to teach a particular topic.

What is the Elderhostel Institute Network?

Quest is affiliated with The Elderhostel Institute Network, located in Boston, and the parent organization for over 260 college-sponsored institutes for learning in retirement in the United States and Canada.

Is Quest for you if you have never been to college?

Certainly! The only requirement is that you want to keep your mind open and active and that you are at least 50 years of age.

What is the Third Age?

In the article, "A Fresh Map of Life," by Peter Laslett, the "First Age" is defined as the age of youth, dependency, education and maturation. The "Second Age" is maturity, earning, employment, and responsibility. The "Third Age" is characterized by the time of life of personal achievement and fulfillment, noted by some enthusiasts as the crown of individual life. The "Fourth Age", one of dependency and decrepitude, is what one hopes to delay by encouraging mental and physical activity in the previous stage.

What is the value of lifelong learning?

Studies show that lifelong learning creates a sense of liveliness, youthfulness, and well-being. Quest is intended as an antidote to the inherited view of retirement, illustrated by the familiar story of a retired man who, when asked how he spent his time says, "Sometimes I sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits!"