Funding Sources

Information on different funding sources you may be eligible for to help you pay for college.

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What programs are available for me to pay for college?

There are various ways to pay for college when you attend WWCC including traditional financial aid (grants, scholarships, loans) and non-traditional programs such as worker re-training and IMACT! that require certain eligibility.  For more information on these and other programs, click here

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Who can I talk to about possible funding sources?

You can contact the Office of Student Financial Aid (509) 527-4301 or Jose Godinez, Student Funding Advisor (509) 524-5231 to receive information on these funding sources.

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Can I make installments on my tuition?

WWCC offers a tuition payment option designed to help take the burden of student who can’t afford to pay tuition in full.  For more information on payment options, click here. 

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My fin-aid award doesn’t cover all my expenses, what can I do?

For students who don’t receive a big enough financial aid award to cover all expenses, it is advisable to apply for WWCC as well as outside scholarships.  If unsuccessful, students are sometimes encouraged to consider student loans.

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Can I combine different funding sources to help me meet all expenses?

Cases vary greatly in this regard.  For information on your special case, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid (509) 527-4301 or Jose Godinez (509) 524-5231.