17.12.10 15:00 Age: 5 yrs

Steve Harvey

By: Marleen Ramsey

Recipient of the 2010 Chamber of Commerce Community Service Award

Steve Harvey was honored this fall by being nominated and receiving the 2010 Chamber of Commerce Community Service Award. This recognition is a result of the incredible community and volunteer service activities that Steve has been involved with over the years in Walla Walla. Steve has been on the faculty here at WWCC since 2004 where he is the lead instructor in the Commercial Trucking Driving Department. Prior to his coming to WWCC Steve worked in several trucking firms, both as a commercial truck driver and as a transportation dispatcher. In the mid-90s he began working as a correctional officer at the Washington State Penitentiary and was soon promoted into the Correctional Industry Department. Steve demonstrated his ingenuity and enterprise by obtaining several state grants to build a composting and recycling facility at Washington State Penitentiary. Walla Walla City Parks Department, along with other agencies contracted with the WSP Composting Facility and would bring in leaves and vegetation for processing. Under Steve’s leadership the recycling work at WSP also grew. This included the recycling of old and used mattresses which were sent to Spokane, cleaned, re-loomed, re-stitched, and taken to the mattress factory in Connell for distribution.

Steve’s ingenuity and enterprise has also helped the CDL program at WWCC to flourish during his tenure here. When he first came to the college there were 2 semis used in the program and that number has doubled to 4 semis to serve the 20 new students he teaches each quarter. In 2009 Steve was recognized for his stellar teaching when he received a NISOD Excellence Award through the Leadership program affiliated with the University of Austin in Texas. His incredible energy and generativity is recognized in his community involvement and volunteer activities. Steve’s volunteer work is legendary. These activities include work with the Walla Walla County Fair Board overseeing Royalty and Downtown activities; set-up and clean-up of the YMCA Peach Basket Classic that takes place in mid-summer each year; transporting books to and from the AAUW Annual Book Sale; served on the Solid Waste Advisory Committee since 1998; Vice-president of the NW Quarter Horse Association; WWCC Rodeo volunteer; and assistance with the horseback ride of the Gran Fondo annual fund raiser for St. Mary’s Medical Cancer Center. Walla Walla Community College would like to honor Steve Harvey’s commitment to students, to the college, and to the community by recognizing him in the December Faculty Spotlight.