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Hybrid-Online Spanish Medical Interpreter Program

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By: Sandra Gonzalez Graham

The Spanish Medical Interpreter plays a very important role in our community. Adequate preparation is important not only to pass the Washington State Interpreter Certification exam but to provide professional communication between Spanish speaking clients and their healthcare providers. Broken communication and lack of a qualified Medical Interpreter can lead to poor outcomes such as:

  • Fully understanding doctor’s treatment advice and medical condition/disease
  • Fully explaining symptoms/problem/concerns to provider
  • Increased risk of complications when concurrent medications or home remedies being used are not discovered
  • Incomplete or inaccurate medical history

For advice on how to pursue this career opportunity call Sandra Gonzalez Graham at 509 527-4462 or email at [email protected] .

You can ask me about:

  • Flexible Scheduling around your work Schedule
  • Once a week on-campus requirements
  • Transferring applicable credits
  • Work opportunities


Sandra Gonzalez Graham MSN Ed.