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WWCC Agriculture Students Win Big!

Category: What's Happening

By: Melissa Harrison

The 2013 Washington State Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization (PAS) Conference was held last week at Columbia Basin College. It resulted in great victories for WWCC students, with nine qualifying to compete in the National PAS Conference which will be held in Louisville, Kentucky on March 18 - 21. Agriculture Instructor Debbie Frazier said, “We are very proud that these students will be representing the WWCC Agriculture program at the national conference. We expect that these students will also do very well at the national competitions which will validate the caliber of education that we strive to provide our students.”

PAS is an organization associated with agriculture, agribusiness and natural resources offerings in approved postsecondary institutions offering baccalaureate degrees, associate degrees, diplomas or certificates.  Four schools attended the Washington State conference and competed in events. These schools are Walla Walla Community College, Spokane Community College, Columbia Basin College and Yakima Valley College. Students from WWCC competed in several events. The following students from WWCC placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their event.

WWCC Student Winners

Category: Employment Interview

  • Tucker Cool, 1st Agribusiness Sales
  • Eliana Bolt, 2nd Agribusiness Sales
  • Haley Bayless, 2nd Agribusiness Admininstration
  • Brandon Kralman, 2nd Ag Equipment Service
  • Sammi Jo Cool, 1st Livestock Production
  • Rachel McClure, 3rd Livestock Production
  • Jeff Wade, 1st Forestry & Natural Resources
  • Erin Greene, 1st Feeds & Animal Health

Category: Specialist Contest

  • Will Capwell, 1st Crop Specialist
  • Tara Hilton, 2nd Crop Specialist
  • Will Capwell, 1st Soils Specialist
  • Tara Hilton, 3rd Soils Specialist
  • Sami Jo Cool, 2nd Overall Livestock Specialist
  • Rachel McClure, 3rd Livestock Specialist Beef
  • Sammi Jo Cool, 1st Livestock Specialist Swine
  • Haley Bayless, 2nd Livestock Specialist Sheep
  • Cory Erstrom, 3rd Livestock Specialist Sheep
  • Sammi Jo Cool, 2nd Equine Specialist
  • Tucker Cool, 1st Ag Sales Specialist
  • Eliana Bolt, 2nd Ag Sales Specialist

Category: Speaking

  • Tucker Cool, 1st Prepared Speaking
  • Sammi Jo Cool, 2nd Prepared Speaking
  • Tucker Cool, 1st Impromptu Speaking
  • Eliana Bolt, 2nd Impromptu Speaking
  • Rachel McClure, 3rd Impromptu Speaking

Category: College Bowl

  • Walla Walla Team #1: 1st Place
    • Tucker Cool
    • Haley Bayless
    • Kayla Buckley
    • Rachel McClure
    • Grady Gfeller

Students who qualified for National Competition

  • Tucker Cool, Hometown: Chelan, Washington
  • Sammi Jo Cool, Hometown: Chelan, Washington
  • Haley Bayless, Hometown: Tonasket, Washington
  • Erin Greene
  • Will Capwell
  • Eliana Bolt
  • Grady Gfeller
  • Jeff Wade
  • Tara Hilton