WWCC Drive Letter Information

WWCC Drive Policy 

All campus resources are for business use only.  If it is not related to your job, it is illegal for you to use campus resources ? including network storage.  Please help us to maintain reliable and usable computer resources by refraining from inappropriate use, downloading movies and games and other uses, which do not promote the mission of the college or relate to your job.

All staff data is stored on server WWCC-S3 and all student data is stored on server WWCC-S2.  In Clarkston the server names is WWCC-S4 for both student and staff data but the drive letters still apply.

Below is a list of the common drive mappings with a description of what they should be used for.
Download Full List :  DOC Drive Letter Information.doc

Drive Letter List 


(WWCC-S3/Staff:\Apps\ your dept) 
This drive is shared with everyone in your work unit.  For instance, everyone in the BE (Business Education) department will be able to share information on the G: drive, and nobody in CIS (computer information Services) would be able to see it. Everyone in your department can read, write, execute, and file scan (see) documents in this location.


This drive is used for instructors and students to share information.  In this location you can assign rights to the students to ensure security.  You can post lessons, test, or students may turn in assignments to that location.  Each instructor can request that Technology Services create a folder on this drive for them.  Each instructor then can create subfolders for the classes they are teaching, in the folder we created for them.  We will discuss setting up access rights below. In the past drive H: was used but we have combined the contents of H: and K:. If you are used to using H: as read only for students, we suggest creating a folder under your name on the K: drive for that purpose.
By default all students will be able to read data from your folders and every other instructors folders but not update them. If this is not what you want ? you will need to remove the read rights for students from your folders. See instructions below.


This drive is your personal drive.  Only you have access to this drive.  We recommend all-important documentation be saved to the U: drive.  This way it will be backed up, versus being on the local hard drive, which will not.  Desktop computers components have been known to fail.  If your files are stored locally (on the C:) odds are they will be lost.  If you save your important files to the U: drive, the chance of loss if very remote, because we run tape backups regularly.  A quota has been placed on this drive; please avoid installing movies, copying CD's, or any other inappropriate materials. 


This drive is open to the public.  Everyone on Campus has access to read from this drive.  This is a good place to put information that you would like other people on campus to be able to read.  Most of the folders here are read only to the world but you can request a folder you can add to or delete from if appropriate.  You can also tell us others who you want to have update access to your special P: drive folder.  The P: drive in Clarkston and the P: drive in Walla Walla are not the same so if information needs to be visible to staff on both campuses consider posting it on the college web site or call Technology Services help desk to request a copy be placed at the other site.