Employee Webmail - Frequently Asked Questions


Logging Into WWCC Webmail

  • Launch a browser, probably either Internet Explorer or Netscape.
  • In the "Address:" line near the top of the browser window, type: www.wwcc.edu to get to WWCC's website (or go directly to http://webmail.wwcc.edu/ )
  • On the WWCC homepage, click on the Webmail link.
  • At the login screen, type in your username: "firstname.lastname", enter your password and click the LOGIN button.
  • You're in! From your Inbox, you can open and read incoming messages by clicking on their subject lines.

Username and Password

  • You can use your payroll proper name (william.gates) or an account alias (bill.gates) to login. You DO NOT need your entire e-mail address as you did with the old server.
  • Your new e-mail password is the last 4 digits of your SSN by default.

 View Message in Full Screen 

  • Once you've logged into webmail you'll see the contents of your INBOX on the right side of your window.
  • When you click on a message it is displayed in the bottom portion of the split window by default.
  • To display the message in a full window of its own, click the printer icon at the top right corner of the message next to the CLOSE button.

 Employee Directory Search

  • On the top toolbar of your webmail window, click the MAIL button to compose a new message.
  • This displays a split Mail window, the left side to select your message recipients, the right side to type in your message subject and body.
  • On the left side, you'll see a DISPLAY button with a pull-down arrow next to it, click the pull-down and select (My Domain).
  • Type in your search criteria in the FILTER box below it. For example, "smith", then click the DISPLAY button.
  • All e-mail addresses with the name "smith" will be listed below.
  • Highlight the address you want and click the TO: button so it is a recipient of your message.
  • Type the rest of your message and click the SEND.

Change Webmail Layout

  • Once you've logged into webmail, click the SETTINGS button on the top toolbar.
  • This will display the General settings page where you can customize your webmail settings and appearance.
  • Click the first pull-down arrow option next to the Layout setting.
  • Instead of the "default (xchange)", select "backup".
  • Click the UPDATE button to save your settings. The new layout will appear the next time you login to webmail.

Spam Security

No, the SPAM filter is a separate service from the mail server. BUT, we will continue to route our e-mail through these filters; AND, you will likely notice a decline in SPAM for awhile because most SPAM has been sent to @wwcc.ctc.edu addresses which we have eliminated.

Mac User vs Webmail

  • You can use the same e-mail program you've been using on your MAC. The new mail server supports all the mail standards we have been using, IMAP, POP, HTTP, etc.; but you will need to change your account setup with the following information: incoming and outgoing server name: mail.wwcc.edu
    • user name: firstname.lastname
    • password: last 4 digits of your SSN

Deleted Message

By default, the message will go to your TRASH folder. The TRASH folder is setup to delete any messages older then 30 days. So you will have 30 days history of deleted messages unless you specifically delete your TRASH more often.

Webmail Help Online

Forward Email

  • Login to webmail and click the "Rules" button from the top toolbar.
  • A new screen will be displayed titled "Automated Processing".
  • Check the box next to "Redirect All Mail To:" and then type in the address you want your WWCC e-mail forwarded to in the dialog box below. For example, if you are a WWCC employee at WSP you may want your college e-mail forwarded to your DOC address.
  • There are a few other options you may want to check:
  •  Keep a Copy
  •  Do not Redirect
  •  Automatic Messages
  •  Preserve To/Cc fields
  • When you're finished, click the UPDATE button in the bottom right corner and your settings are saved.

Webmail Calendar

  • Yes, it is available through webmail only at this time.
  • Once you've logged in to webmail, click the EVENT button on the top toolbar.
  • This displays an Event window similar to the Mail window where you can select a recipient of your calendar event or invite someone to an event.
  • On the right side of the window, type in the event or appointment name, location, and message. Then select the date and time.
  • Click the SAVE button to save your event and send a notice to those you've listed in the recipient TO: box.
  • There is now a CALENDAR folder displayed above your INBOX available for you to use as a planner and schedule keeper.

Personal Mailing List

No. The old and new mail server does not allow for personal mailing lists in webmail, just a personal address book.