Phone & Voicemail Codes

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Most functions are turned on with an asterisk (*) and a numeric code and are turned off with a pound sign (#) and the same code that turns it on.
*4 is the "send calls" code. If you hear a half ring and your calls go to voice mail you have pressed *4
#4 will undo the "send calls" so your phone rings normally again at your desk (3-4 rings) and then goes to voice mail
Old style phones without a message waiting lamp use a flutter dial tone to identify voice mail.

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Telephone Codes




Walla Walla Voice Mail Access #


Access WW campus voice mail

Walla Walla Off Campus Voice Mail  


Access WW off campus voice mail

Clarkston Voice mail access #   


Access Clarkston Campus Voice mail

Clarkston Off Campus Voice Mail


Access Clarkston off campus voice mail

*TIP* - to change the name that is spoken for your extension.  Press 5 and then 5 again when you get into your voice mail box using the voice mail access # above.

Transfer a call to a person's voice mail


Sends the caller directly to extensions voice mailbox ex: Transfer YYYY

Skip entering your extension


If you call voice mail access # from your own ext. You don't have to enter your extension just #

Personal list access


Dial entry (#1) on your personal list ex: 7001

Group list access (not currently used)


Dial entry (#1) on your group's list ex: 7101

System list access (not currently used)


Dial entry (#1) on the system-wide list ex: 7201

Last Number Dialed Access Code


Redial the last number you dialed

Send All Calls Activation:


All calls go immediately to coverage path.  Usually voice mail

Send All Calls Deactivation:


All calls ring normally then voice mail

Call pickup in your group


Phone ringing in your area

Drop Voicemail talk over call


You answered just as voice mail started

Park a call


A call can be picked up from another phone

Pickup a parked call


Retrieve a call you parked at another phone ex: #6XXXX

In the following examples:  OOOO (other) is another extension and MMMM (mine) is your extension

Forward your calls to another extension


All calls ring at extension OOOO

Note 1: You will hear a stutter dial tone after MMMM. If not, call for help.
Note 2: If the other extension doesn't answer, the calls are routed to your coverage path which is usually your voice mail.

Unforward calls


All calls ring at extension MMMM