Instructor's Briefcase Guide

 Logging In

  1. Launch Instructor Briefcase Login: 
  2. Enter your Instructor SS# and your PIN.
    If you do not know PIN call the Payroll Office: 509-527-4205
    (After authenticating to IBC, you may want to click on Pin Change on the screen's left side and enter the required information.)
  3. Choose the quarter for which you wish to view rosters.
  4. To view a roster, click on a class item number to view the roster's contents.
  5. You may print a roster or copy the information to another program to work with it.

Creating Roster or Grade Sheet in Excel

  1. In IBC, highlight the block of student information and choose Edit > Copy (Ctrl + C).
  2. Launch Microsoft Excel and choose Edit > Paste (Ctrl + V).
  3. Highlight the column containing the information by clicking on the gray 'A' block. 
  4. Choose Data > Text to Columns > Delimited > Next and Comma > Finish.
  5. Highlight the entire spreadsheet by clicking the gray block left of 'A' and above '1'.
  6. Move the cursor over the line between 'A' and 'B' and it will change to a vertical line with arrows pointing left & right.
  7. Double click. This will re-size all columns to fit the content.