High School Programs

Running Start Program

509.527.4262 (Walla Walla) 509.758.1718 (Clarkston)

Running Start, a program created by the Washington State legislature, provides an opportunity for juniors and seniors in public high schools to enroll in courses at Walla Walla Community College. This program provides academically qualified students an opportunity to attend college courses and earn college credits, tuuition-free, while completing high school gradtuation requirements. Home-schooled and private school students must enroll in a  public high school to participate in this program.

Alternative Education Program

509.527.4324 (Walla Walla)

The Alternative Education Program provides students an educational ppportunity outside the traditional high school system. Selected students between 16 and 20 years of age, who have not earned a high school diploma, but have a sufficient amount of time to complete high school requirements, may be eligible to participate. The program, which is a joint venture with the Walla Walla School District, covers the cost of tuition and books for program participants.

High School Completion Program

509.527.4262 (Walla Walla) 509.758.1718 (Clarkston)

The high school completion program provides another alternative for students needing to complete their high school diploma. In order to enroll in the program, students must bring transcripts from all high schools they have attended. Students must complete a placement test prior to meeting with their advisor. Washington residents enrolled in high school completion classes who are under 19 years of age pay full tuition and must have a release from their high school to participate in the program. Residents who are 19 or older pay a reduced tuition rate; see the WWCC tuition and fee schedule for current rates. Non-residents need to inquire about the fee schedule at the Student Development Center.