Core Abilities

A campus-wide core ability is an attitude or skill that faculty agree should be taught across the curriculum. It is the "common thread" which runs through all student learning no matter the subject area. Instructors integrate core abilities into the syllabus, teach specific abilities in particular content, and assess them as learning outcomes.


The ability to understand and express a concept, feeling, or experience effectively.

Critical Thinking

The process of examination, evaluation, and revision of material, ideas, or data using appropriate attitudes and skills.

Personal & Professional Responsibility

The attribute of developing ethical and quality standards while building one's character in integrity, civility, and respect for others.

Diversity/Appreciation of Differences

The ability to understand the uniqueness of self and others, and demonstrate an openness toward diverse points of view.


The ability to access, evaluate, and apply information from a variety of sources, tools, and contexts, and adapt to changing technologies.

Lifelong Learning

The ability to persist in acquiring knowledge and applying skills, set and revise goals, and assume responsibility for one's own learning