Make a Difference

Occasionally an opportunity presents itself which invites you to make a difference. Rarely is there an opportunity to significantly impact your entire community.  At Walla Walla Community College, such opportunities present themselves on a regular basis in the form of the dreams and aspirations of our students.  Through your involvement in the WWCC Foundation, you can become a vital participant in making these dreams a reality and your community a more vital place.

The mission of Walla Walla Community College is to provide a comprehensive educational program and essential support services designed to specifically meet individual and community needs throughout Walla Walla, Garfield, Columbia, and Asotin Counties. While carrying out this mission, the College strives to be an accessible, community-based, and performance-oriented institution providing affordable and quality education.

WWCC exists to serve you, your family, your friends, and neighbors.  Since its founding in 1967, over 225,000 individuals have enrolled in and benefited from the College's programs

The WWCC Foundation

The Walla Walla Community College Foundation is helping the College meet today's challenges by supporting students, faculty, and activities designed to enhance the cultural, educational, and learning atmosphere of the College. The Foundation is a non-profit organization. 

Our Experience

Talented students are a key ingredient in any college's drive toward excellence. Few experiences encourage learning more than providing excellent teaching, "hands-on" opportunities to learn new technology, and a focus on developing the leadership skills necessary for success in the workplace.  When excellence is recognized and fostered, everyone benefits - the students, the college, and the community. 

Our Accomplishments
  • Student Support...Scholarships (Merit and Need), Expanded Child Care Facilities.In-service Programs... Educational Workshops, Seminars, and Courses.Program Support...Academic and Occupational Equipment and Facilities, Special Guest Lecturers.Faculty and Staff Excellence Awards...Recognition of Outstanding Performance.Discretionary Funds for Special Project
The Challenge
  • WWCC has the highest service level to district students (number of students served per 1000 population) of all Washington State community colleges.Our classrooms are at capacity.Local employers depend on WWCC to supply education and training to their work force.State support for education is decreasing, while the demand for education is increasing.The Foundation must play a significant role in providing scholarships and special assistance to quality students.
Benefits of Giving
  • The majority of charitable giving is done to support a cause which the donor believes in: its organization and its mission. Such gifts benefit the donor as well as the charity.  Gifts in trust with retained income to the giver can increase spendable income while partially or completely avoiding capital gains taxes, reducing estate taxes, and reducing probate and administrative costs. 
  • Your spendable income can be increased with gifts of low yielding assets. Gifts of life insurance allow you to deduct premiums or the value of a paid-up policy. Charitable lead trusts can minimize the gift and estate tax impact of transferring major gifts to your benefactors. Gifts to your personal residence to the Foundation will allow you to receive a major immediate tax deduction while permitting you to live in your home for the rest of your life. Gifts by will or bequest allow you an opportunity to make a final statement. Gifts during your lifetime are deductible from income in accordance with IRS regulations.
The Giving Clubs

Your gift of a hundred dollars or more will qualify you for membership in a giving club.  The clubs are intended to encourage generous contributions to the Walla Walla Community College Foundation. As a club member you will receive the Foundation Newsletter and special invitations to College events. Donors of $5,000 or more are recognized with lifetime membership in the Foundation Club and will be distinguished guests of the Foundation at special events.

Message from the College President

The scholarship and grant program is intended to help capable students gain access to Walla Walla Community College and provide resources to remain in school, graduate, and obtain employment. We ask you to help us help students by building a permanent endowment. As we join together in this campaign, keep in mind that you are truly helping people become productive. Students who have benefited from the Foundation have been very thankful for the support.  With your help we can ensure the success of more students at Walla Walla Community College. Please consider an investment in this most worthwhile endeavor.

 - Steve VanAusdle,

College President