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About Us


The William A. Grant Water & Environmental Center at Walla Walla Community College is committed to contributing to the well-being of our regional community by:




  • Providing a place for collaborative dialogue
  • Fostering and modeling the use of innovative practices
  • Promoting and practicing the use of effective partnerships
  • Offering educational programs that address 21st Century water and environmental challenges
  • Achieving heightened awareness and use of environmentally sustainable practices
  • Supporting environmental protection and restoration efforts throughout the region




Motivating us in our efforts is a vision of the future in which the well-being of the communities we serve is reflected by a healthy environment, a vibrant economy and diverse cultures working together in collaboration and cooperation.


We envision a region:


  • Characterized by thriving natural ecosystems and thriving local economies.
  • Where diverse cultural values are respected and nurtured in rural, urban and tribal communities.
  • Whose public institutions, nonprofit organizations, agricultural and business communities use collaborative dialogue to address pressing public policy issues and build pathways for problem solving and partnerships.




Our updated mission reflects our commitment to be a place where individuals and organizations with diverse views and values feel comfortable and empowered to work together in seeking solutions to pressing natural resource policy issues.  We recognize the intrinsic relationship between healthy, sustainable ecosystems and prosperous communities, and dedicate ourselves to supporting the environmental protection and restoration work of others through our education and community outreach programs. 


The mission of the William A. Grant Water & Environmental Center is to provide a welcoming and supportive place where people with diverse interests and values can learn, share knowledge and work together to create a healthy and sustainable natural environment that enhances the economic well-being of our region.






Faced with the challenges of restoring the watershed, recovering fish runs, and better managing limited water resources, organizations in the Walla Walla Valley came together in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation to create the Walla Walla Community College William A. Grant Water & Environmental Center.


The William A. Grant Water & Environmental Center (WEC) opened on October 12th, 2007.  The WEC stands as an example of the region's commitment of conserving, managing, and enhancing the Walla Walla Watershed.  The building itself is evidence of a milestone in progress towards addressing water management and environmental restoration issues.