At WWCC, we are committed to providing a safe, healthy campus environment where students can grow, thrive and learn. As counselors, we are your partners in promoting physical and psychological health for students and staff. Counselors have advanced degrees in counseling or psychology and are licensed in the state of Washington.

Our counselors can provide assessment and coordinated responses to situations for concern for students, faculty and staff. These situations include medical, psychological or behavior concern, students at risk of harming themselves or others, campus emergency situations that affect the well-being of students and staff, student death or significant trauma.

Counselors provide a number of services to students, staff and faculty including: personal counseling, crisis intervention, conflict meditation, career counseling, skill-building for academic success, workshops and education about mental health issues, support groups and referrals to community resource.

Counselors are here to help students by providing support to explore emotional concerns, developing new awareness and skills, and mobilizing their existing strengths, qualities and abilities. While some people who seek counseling have chronic emotional difficulties, most are dealing with normal life events and are simply in need of an objective listener - someone who doesn't judge and who can help them see new alternatives.

Counseling is a collaborative effort between the student and his/her counselor. Our goal is to provide an open, supportive, and confidential environment for the student to address problems. Click the links below to meet our counselors.

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Make An Appointment

We are located in the Student Development Center in the main building on the Walla Walla campus. You may contact either of the counselors directly to make an appointment, or call 509.527.4262.


Our hours are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. If you are in crisis, please come to the Student Development Center immediately and request a counselor. If you experience a crisis outside these hours, please call 911 (or 9-911 from a campus phone).

The  Walla Walla County Crisis Response Unit is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 509.524.2999.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline, call 1.800.273.TALK (8255).


Please note: Some of the resource listed below are NOT a service of WWCC nor do they represent the views of Counseling Service, Student Development Center, or WWCC.

Information for college students about mental health issues, including a self-evaluation tool.

Mental Health Screening Tools
Free online screening tools for a variety of mental health issues.

Washington Recovery Helpline
Information and referral to mental health issues.

Information and resources about many topics in mental health including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse, self-harm and trauma.

Trevor Project Lifeline
LGBTQI hotline, providing support and resources for LGBQI persons.

Providing information and resources for victims of sexual assault.

Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator
Locating treatment programs for mental health issue nationally.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Self-help group for those who want to stop drinking alcohol.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
Self-help group for those who want to stop using drugs.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
Information and support regarding living with mental illness.
Information on obtaining government assistance with health care.
Information and referrals for those with disabilities.

Alliance of Military and Veteran Family Behavioral Helath Providers
Assistance for veterans dealing with mental health issues.

HELPLINE Walla Walla
Resources for those who are homeless or living in poverty. Includes access to housing, food banks and other assistance.

Assistance for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.

Child Protective Services: 1.866.ENDHARM

Childcare Information and Referral Line: 800.633.3183

Statewide Domestic Violence Hotline: 1.800.562.6025

HIV/AIDS Hotlines: 1.800.342.AIDS (national); 1.800.272.AIDS (state)

Non-Profit Consumer Credit Counseling: 1.800.634.2227

Faculty Resources

Faculty and Staff have the opportunity to work with students closely, and are often the first to notice when something is not quite right. Faculty, coaches, administrators and staff can sometimes help students with personal problems, but sometimes it is best to refer the student to a professional counselor. Here is some information that will help in that decision or you can call the Student Development Center at 527.4262 for a consult.


All counseling services at WWCC are free and confidential. Counselors adhere to all Washington State laws and ethical procedures for counseling. For further information, see the links below.

PDF Disclosure of Information
Please read and sign the disclosure of information form and bring it with you to your initial counseling appointment.