Class of 2002 Student Biographies


Aaron J. Feider

I am currently attending the Turf Management program at Walla Walla Community College, and I am in the second of two years. Where I am a member of the Turf Club and also a student member of the Sports Turf Managers Association. Upon completion I will be graduating March of 2002. 
I have been involved with sports fields for the last six months. Where I did an internship in Jupiter, Florida at Roger Dean Stadium, which is comprised of thirteen fields five of which are maintained for Major League Baseball use. This facility is also the home of not only the Jupiter Hammerheads, but is also the spring training facility for the Montreal Expos and the St. Louis Cardinals. While working at this facility I worked on a daily basis with the skin of the fields, and had experience with the clay areas of the pitchers mound, bullpens, and home plate. I also have experience with aeration, verti-cutting, topdressing, edging, and some irrigation repair. Upon graduation I will be seeking employment from a professional or minor league baseball organization.

1800 Evergreen #27
Walla Walla, WA 99362 

Home Phone # 1 (509) 522-8693
Cell Phone # 1(561) 309-0879 

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Brett Anderson

My name is Brett Anderson and I am enrolled in the Walla Walla Community College turf management program. I carry a 3.62 cumulative GPA with the program ending in March of 2002. I received a degree in general studies with a business emphasis from the University of Idaho in 2000.

My golf course experience started in 1996 at Hayden Lake Country Club in Hayden, Idaho. I worked for three seasons in Hayden learning skills ranging from walk mowing greens to cutting cups and irrigation system work.

In the summer of 2001 I completed a six-month internship at the Coeur dAlene Resort Golf Course in Idaho. I used this opportunity to hone my skills as well as to gather new knowledge and experience. In the fall of 2001 I volunteered to work with the crew at Columbia Edgewater Country Club in Portland, Oregon for an LPGA tour event.

My goal is to fill an assistant superintendent position starting in the summer of 2002.

392 W. Harbor View Dr. 
Coeur dAlene, ID 83814
(208) 664-1489

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Chris Thornton

My name is Chris Thornton and this is my second year in the Turf Management program WWCC. I will be graduating in March of 2002. I have played golf and been around the game my whole life. I guess you could say that it all started when I took a cart job at Enumclaw Golf Course when I was twelve. This is where I knew that the only place for me was at a course.

After graduation I plan to take the title of Superintendent at Jade Greens Golf Course. In the past three years at Jade I have aerified, top dressed, irrigation repair, fertilizing practices, applications of product such as wetting agents, hydro seeding and operation of all types of equipment from just mowers to backhoes, track hoes, tractors, Bobcats. In addition setting up the water schedules and the jobs for the crew for the past two years. I have learned how to do many things and I am always ready to learn more.

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Curt Moe

I am currently enrolled in my second year in the turf management program at Walla Walla Community College. After high school I didnt have any plans to pursue a degree. Although I wasnt going to school I had always thought about going to college. My love for the game of golf guided me towards the turf management industry.

After my first year at Walla Walla I did my internship at the Coeur d Alene Golf Resort, home of the famous movable floating green. While on the morning crew my basic dutys were to mow greens and tees, and there after handwater the tees fairways and rough. In the middle of my internship I switched to the night crew. Where I learned how to mow fairways, rough, collar/IR, and many other basic chores. I plan to graduate from the turf management program in March 2002; from there I plan to get a job in the turf industry.

Curt Moe
956 Aaron J. Feider Brentwood Pl.
College Place,Wa 99362

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Doug Berry

My education includes high school diploma, a technical degree in dental technology and I will graduate from W.W.C.C. with an Associate degree in turf management, March 2002. While there I have maintained a 3.60 grade point average and have excellent attendance.
Work experience includes owning a successful dental lab for 25 years, road building landscape design and landscape production. Included in these experiences were supervision of employees, and fellow workers, organizing daily, weekly work schedules. Operating dump trucks, backhoes, bobcats, trenchers, mowing equipment, forage chopper, dental lab equipment, telephones, and computers.

My most recent job was a landscape project. My responsibilities included design, choosing plantings, organizing the delivery of building materials i.e. gravel, topsoil, building blocks, irrigation supplies, plants, and ground cover. I was responsible for distribution of all funds, including wages to employees or purchase of supplies, and all renting equipment agreements. 
My interests for employment would be horticulturists at a gulf course, municipality or for a landscape business.

Douglas Berry 
69383 Poverty Flat Rd.
Pendleton Oregon 97801

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Eric Blanton

I am a second year turf Management student at Walla Walla Community College. This is my final year of the program.

This past summer I worked for the Tacoma Rainiers baseball club at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma, Washington. While on my internship I was able to see day to day operations on a baseball field. Most of my time was spent conditioning the skin of the infield and working the baselines and also working with the clay on homeplate. I am also a member of Sports Turf Managers Association.

I feel along with my internship and education this will give me a good background in this line of work.

Upon Graduating, in March 2002, I plan to find a job at a sports complex where I can practice all that I have learned.

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Erin McCabe

I am a second year turf management student at Walla Walla Community College, in Walla Walla, WA. I plan on graduating in March of 2002.

I grew up in Pomeroy WA. Pomeroy is a small town with not many opportunities to work in the turf industry. I worked with some friends in the landscaping business. I enjoyed the work and working out doors. For the last six months I did an internship on Woodlands Golf Course in Sunriver, OR. My duties on the coarse consisted of: walk mowing greens and tees, tri-plexing greens, mowing fairways, racking bunkers, and trim mowing. I also helped out on some irrigation leaks and breaks. When I moved back to Walla Walla to start school, I started working at the Walla Walla Country Club before school everyday. My duties there include walk mowing greens and mowing fairways.

My plans after graduation are to keep gaining experience and knowledge in the turf industry and apply it to a full time job.

632 N 6th Avenue
Walla Walla, WA 99362
(509) 526-4621 

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Ivan Gibbs

I am studying Turf Management at the Walla Walla Community College in Walla Walla, Washington. I currently hold a 3.85 GPA, through the beginning of my final year. I am the lab assistant for Turf Equipment Operations I., and involved with the Turf management Club. I am a 5.4 handicap on the SCGA network. My passion for golf courses is as strong, if not stronger than my passion for the game of golf. Few things give me as much pleasure as being on a golf course at sunrise, and knowing that I created the product that I am enjoying myself on.

My first two years (excluding winter seasons) of golf course experience began in the summer of 1999 at the Leavenworth Golf Club in Leavenworth, Washington. During my first year of employment with the club I performed almost all of the tasks assigned to a crew worker. Then after my second year I had learned enough to feel comfortable working at a more high-end gold course, and further pursue my education in the field.

I served my internship from March through August, 2001 at Carmel Mountain Ranch CC in San Diego, California. While I was there I worked my way up the ranks starting with pulling weeds, and weed eating, then ending with spraying greens and training/supervising duties. During this time I was fortunate enough to work for two different Superintendents, and an Assistant Superintendent who was in charge of the golf course for a month. I feel that this internship set me up for a bright future.

After graduation, in March of 2002, I plan on seeking an Assistant Superintendents position with the American Golf Corporation in San Diego County.

519 S 2nd St. #3
Walla Walla, WA 

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Jason Kelly

I am currently enrolled at Walla Walla Community College in the turf program. I will be graduating in the spring of 2002 with my 2 year turf degree. I have grown up in Southeast Washington all of my life. Until recently when I got the opportunity to live in Edwards, Colorado for six months to do my internship for school. I worked for Cordillera at the Short Course. This was a unique facility in which this was a top dollar par three course and short game school for people learning how to play better golf around the green. They also had three other courses that where all 18 hole facilities.

This was my first experience working on a golf course. I have always worked outside though, but it was always doing farm work. So you can imagine that this was a welcomed change in my life going back to school and learning to take my love for the outdoors and my passion for golf and combine them to make money. After graduating I plan to find a year round position on a crew and gain the knowledge to make my way to a superintendent of my own course someday in the near future. I hope to work for somebody who is willing to take the time to teach me the necessary tools to further my career and help me move up the ladder to reach my goals.

732 N, 6" Ave.
Walla Walla, Wa.
(509) 526-4621

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Jason McCallum

I am a second year turf management student at Walla Walla Community College. I already have Associates in Arts degree from the same college and plan to have my turf degree in March of 2002.

My career in turf started in 2000 at Clarkston Country Club in Clarkston, WA. I worked there for three months and then was promoted to second assistant. During work at Clarkston I took leadership roles and gained knowledge of the turf industry. I also really began to gain interest in this line of work and decided to make this a career.

I decided to take my six-month internship back to Clarkston at Quailridge Public Golf Course. The owner/superintendent just required the golf course and I knew this would be a good opportunity to gain knowledge of the other side of the business. I also thought I would learn more detail than working for a larger private course. I received great knowledge of the field, including irrigation and course detail. I believe I have gained a valuable experience in working on this internship.

Following my graduation in March I plan to work for a reputable golf course as an assistant of some kind. I hope to increase my knowledge throughout the years of work and dedication to this industry.

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Josh Harty

I am a student at Walla Walla Community College in the Turf Management program. I currently hold a 3.84 G.P.A and have completed two six-month internships. I will graduate and obtain a Washington State Pesticide License by March of 2002.

I started in the in the golf course business in 1995 at Indian Canyon in Spokane, Washington. The course is rated in the top 25 public golf courses in the Northwest. I spent 4 seasons there before I moved on to the Spokane Country Club for 2 seasons, one of those being my first internship. It was there that I was taught the art of fine-tuning a golf course to meet country club standards. For my second internship I went to the Westin Salishan, a resort course sanctioned by the Audubon society. 

With my experiences in all the different styles of golf courses along with some ideas of my own and a desire to build a better golf course I feel that I could be an asset to any golf facility. 

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Luis Ocaaz

My name is Luis Ocaaz, and Im enrolled in the Walla Walla Community College Turf Management Program. I will graduate in March 2001.

I have lived in Walla Walla since 1957, graduating from Walla Walla High School in 1971. I then attended WWCC where I received an AAAS in 1974 in Autobody Repair Technology. I was employed at Walkers Body Shop for two years. Ive worked for General Services Administration as ground keeper and worked as a cable Technician for TCI in Walla Walla for 18 years. I started my own lawn care business in 1996. My goal is to go into landscaping and irrigation. In the summer of 2001 I completed a six-month internship at Walla Walla Community College in ground maintenance. I used this opportunity to work at my skills and gain knowledge and experience in the ground maintenance field.

I have been married for 14 years and have two daughters ages 10 and 12. In my spare time I coach my daughters in softball and bowling. I enjoy playing softball myself and am now trying my hand at golf.

1211 Hobson St
Walla Walla WA 99362
(509) 525-1660 

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Matt Cobb

I am currently enrolled in the Turf Management program at Walla Walla community College. I have an accumulative GPA of 3.7 and will graduate with a two year AAAS degree in March of 2002.

I started working in the Golf course industry at Yakima Golf and Country Club in late summer of 1999 after high school graduation. I was hired back on the greens crew at YCC in the spring of 2000. The 2000 golf season is when I decided Turf Management was what I wanted to do and enrolled at Walla Walla Community College. I completed a six month internship at Yakima Country Club where I gained advanced knowledge in irrigation repair, fertilizing practices and ideas, pesticide applications, general practices of course maintance, and the skills needed to manage workers. I supervised small crews on various projects. Currently, I am working in the mornings before school at Walla Walla Country Club mowing greensand fairways, and doing other morning tasks. In the afternoons, after school, I work for a local irrigation company, Irrigation Concepts Incorporated. With ICI I am involved with the installation of a multi sports complex irrigation system. I am treating both of these jobs as an extended learning internship experience. 

I would like to acquire a full time job with a reputable golf course upon graduating in March. If the right job does not present itself come time, I will attend Oregon State University. There I will obtain a Bachelors Degree in the Turf Management option of the Horticulture program.

1955 Whitman St.
Walla Walla, Wa. 99362
(509)-529-1986 or (509)-969-6715

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Matt Meyers

I am a Turf grass management student at Walla Walla Community College. I am currently carrying a 3.2 G.P.A. I plan to graduate in March of 2002.

I have worked on many different golf courses in the Western Washington area and a couple of other courses. My first experience was volunteer work I did for the First Tee of Olympia. I hand mowed greens and power washed fences and buildings. My second golf course experience was at the St. John Golf Course. I worked there during one year of my high school golf career. Mainly I helped the superintendent aerify greens and top-dress them. My most recent golf course experience was work I did with the LPGA Tour. I raked bunkers for the tournament that was held at the Columbia Edgewater Country Club in Portland, Oregon. With all of these different experiences it has taught me the Pros and Cons of different golf course establishments.

I am currently attending my second year in the turf management program at Walla Walla Community College. I am excited to start my career in the turf grass industry at the time of my graduation.

1821 Plaza Way # 74
Walla Walla, WA 99362
(509) 526-4657

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Paul Ellis

Im currently enrolled in the Turf Management program at Walla Walla Community College and am in my last year. I first got an interest in the turf management field when I began working for a landscaping business in Walla Walla four years ago. After that I started working at Walla Walla Country Club were Ive worked for the next four years. At the Country Club Ive had experience doing everything from walk mowing greens to applying fertilizers and fungicides. Its been a really good experience working there where Ive learned a lot about daily maintenance and the politics about working at a Country Club.

As part of my schooling we were required to do an internship, and I chose to do mine at Woodlands Golf Course in Sunriver Oregon. I learned a lot there about how much things can change with the different environments. It was really nice seeing how differently things were done there then at my previous course and I picked up on it really quickly. My internship required me to do a little bit of everything, which I did, and I was exposed to all of the daily maintenance duties plus I got to do some work on the budget and spend some time in the shop with the mechanic. Working there was a real growing experience for my career and me. 
When I graduate form school I hope to get a job at a top ranked golf course or working for a landscaping company. I have been around both fields all my life and love the work.

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Phillip Vaughan

I am turf management student with interest in golf course maintenance. My interest in golf courses specifically comes from learning the game of golf at a very young age, and progressing very quickly at the game. Over time, my hobbies of gardening and art led to the desire to work on golf courses. Growing grass and plants, designing and sculpting the course are aspects I like the most. This leads to a course that all golfers, and I, can admire and enjoy to the fullest extent. I have worked at and seen many different golf courses. While taking a break from college, I worked at Useless Bay Golf and Country Club, where at the end of the season my superintendent gave me a brochure of the turf management program at Walla Walla Community College. After a little research, I found my self here studying turf management. Upon completion of my degree, I wish to seek employment as an assistant superintendent on a golf course until my skills and knowledge are adequate to venture towards a career as a superintendent.

248 E. Birch St. # 210
Walla Walla, WA. 99362

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Rob Howard 

I am a nineteen-year old turf management student at Walla Walla Community College. This is my second and final year of the program.
This summer I had the opportunity to work for six months as an intern at The Coeur d'Alene Resort Golf course in Idaho. It was a unique and beneficial experience, which taught me more than I could have hoped for. I learned all aspects of a golf course and saw the day-to-day procedures needed to maintain one of the finest courses in the world.

I feel that Walla Walla Community College is going to point me in the right direction in life. It will be very beneficial in getting a job best suited to my goals. Along with that it provides me with the skills I will need to be successful. My goal is to obtain an assistant position at a high quality and reputable golf course where I have the room to grow and learn the qualities needed to become a head superintendent as well as improve my surrounding environment to the best of my ability.

Rob Howard
303 North 8th St. 
Garfield, WA. 99130

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Terence P. Daly

Born and raised in southern Minnesota, I grew up in an athletic atmosphere. Physical characteristics involve being 5-10, 150 lbs, brown hair, and very agile. I was fortunate to be involved in sports such hockey, basketball, baseball, tennis and football at an early age. Golf came much later, but was able to learn very quickly due my desire and athleticism. 
Health was never a real concern in southern Minnesota. Being very active contributes to a good health record for me. It is very rare to be sick and not being able to work at the job levels thru out the career.

The only person in the family of 6 to be actively involved in the outdoors such as fishing, hunting, climbing, hiking, and photography. This is a strong asset. Knowing how to appreciate and respect the vast outdoors really helps. Many people who like to fish would say, I love to fish in the summer, but I would say, Throwing jerk baits and spinner baits over cabbage in the fall on Gull Lake for northerns is very rewarding experience. This asset will contribute to the turf industry.

Working experiences in the past years were very rewarding. Employed at Gold Mt. west of Seattle gave me a good first hand look at a golf maintenance facility as well as appreciation of the environment. Waverly Golf Club and turf/construction technical schools in Tacoma were very hands on experience.

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