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Students enrolled in the WWCC Automotive Technology Program have a wide array of automotive interests.  They own and drive cars that they have special interest in and are always willing to spend the time to get maximum performance out of and learn the various systems found o them.  The WWCC automotive program promotes student automotive interest and co-sponsors a trans am series pace car. (Click image to enlarge)

Our students learn the latest methods in diagnosis. Aimee Whalen enrolled in the WWCC Automotive Technology Program in Fall 2000 after attending as a Running Start student for two years.

Second year students, Carlos and James, look up technical information for a online automotive online assignment.  Our students use the automotive computer lab for research assignments, testing and educational training purposes.



David looks up information on our automotive data base system in our computer lab.

James adjusts a "stubborn" component on this classic Mustang.

Luke and Carlos inspect a caliper assembly.

Dan cleans and inspects a wheel bearing in preparation for installation.

Antonio removes a cylinder head from this engine. 

Gary (right) and Jake overhaul a manual transmission.

The second year class awaits transportation after attending a field trip in Portland.

Juan (left) and Jose work as a team to overhaul a carburetor on this truck.

Cody inspects a differential housing.

Jake works "underhood" to diagnose an electrical systems problem.

Garrett checks suspension wear in preparation for an four wheel alignment.

Gary adjusts" a stubborn part.

Brad performs a 4 wheel alignment using our state of the art Hunter laser aligner.

Brad replaces a water pump.

James checks pinion bearing preload on this differential.

Jose (left) and Mario discuss the next step during this engine overhaul.

Jose inspects a suspension component during a four wheel alignment.

Jose waits his turn to receive his AAS degree at Walla Walla Community College 2001 graduation ceremonies.

Dave programs the Vetronix Mastertech Scanner to look at the on-vehicle computer data stream.

Luke inspects free play in the driveshaft U-joints.

The Automotive Parts Specialist class tours 9th Street NAPA.

Windmills may help with electrical power generation near Walla Walla.

A typical beautiful Walla Walla dusk scene.


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