State Support of Your Education


If you enroll in courses at WWCC you will be required to pay tuition and fees. Did you realize that the tuition you pay to WWCC as a full-time resident student covers only about 33% of the actual cost incurred by the institution to provide your educational services? The State of Washington pays the remaining 67%.


The following table indicates the amount of state support by tuition category for students attending community and technical colleges. This information is to be used for the academic year 2005-2006.





Instructional Cost per FTE Student



Operating Fee



Net State Support per FTE Student



The following table indicates the amount of state supported financial aid including that provided from the local institutional financial aid fund (3 ½ percent).


Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Undergraduate Resident



Undergraduate Nonresident

$ 43



* Institutional financial aid is shown on an average student basis. Data are not available to allocate by student category. Institutional financial aid is not available to nonresidents.


Note: Data source provided by the Higher Education Coordination Board is available upon request.