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Selected free sites recommended by library staff with current content, reliable links, ease of use and stated purpose of content. Some content at some sites may require registration or fee.

Business & Economics

  • Doing Business - about and ranking of regulations relevant to doing business
  • Economic - 'timely access" to key economic indicators from the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the US Census Bureau. 
  • - helping companies doing business abroad
  • Liber8 - economic information portal

Fine Arts


Political Science/Law

  • BRB's Free Resource Center - portal to public records where users seeking information on living people may locate resources available on record sites in both the public and private sector
  • C-Span - commercial-free live coverage of congressional proceedings and hearings,press briefings,public policy discussions and more.....24/7
  • C.I.A.  World Factbook - brief, up-todate profile information about the nations of the world
  • Consitution Finder - offers constitutions, charters, amendments and related documents from nations of the world
  • Council on Foreign Affairs - nonpartisan CFA offers a series of easy-to-use multimedia primers on the background and current status of world affairs. Browse by world region or issue.
  • Fact Check - team at Annenberg Political Fact Check does the verifying for you
  • FindLaw - one-stop shop for legal information
  • FirstGov - official web portal of the Federal Government
  • POTUS: Presidents of the United States - Internet Public Library site for information of each of the U.S. Presidents including links to biographies, audio tapes of speeches, images, and video streams, documents and 'notable' events.
  • Project Vote Smart - guides students, offering perspective and analysis
  • - six federal agencies combine recall announcements on dangerous products
  • THOMAS - legislative information on the Internet



  • Visual Calculus - collection of modules to be used in the studying or teaching of caculus
  • Calculus on the Web - internet tutoring utility for learning and practicing calculus


  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Site monitors public health, investigates health problems and promotes healthy behavior. Includes public health image library, and state and national data sets on health and disease.
  • DrugDigest - non-commercial, evidenced based consumer health and drug information site. Search for specific drugs or conditions.
  • HealthFinder - Consumer health information site maintained by National Health Information Center. Directory of hand-selected organizational websites. Also in Spanish.
  • MayoClinic - Consumer health Web site produced by team of Web professionals and medical experts. Includes unique Treatment Decisions section, Health Living material, Ask a Specialist feature and links to calculators, self-assessment tools, slide shows and videos.
  • Medical Images on the Web - Excellant portal to online image collections: Anatomy and Histology, Cardiology, Dermatology, Embriology, Neurology, Pathology, Pediatrics and ENT . Note: Google Images is another good image resource.
  • MedLine Plus - Excellent resource for nursing students. Also available in Spanish. Brings together information from various agencies, provides medical encyclopedia, current health news, drug and herbal supplement information and superior interactive tutorials.
  • National Institute of Mental Health - Site presents research on mental illness and behavioral issues
  • - Covers all aspects of spinal cord injury
  • PubMed (Medline) - Service of National Library of Medicine, offers indexing to biomedical articles in Medline back to 1950s. Links to fulltext of articles and nongovernmental Web resources.

 Movies and Music

  • allmusic - resource for music chronologies, history, biographical information and criticism
  • amc filmsite - is an award-winning website offering detailed plot synopses, review commentary, film reference material and analysis
  • Database of Recorded American Music - non-subscribers may search the catalog and read liner notes
  • The Internet Movie Database - most complete movie guide ever, with movie news, filmakers bios, detailed indexing of every film and TV show 
  • Metacritic - searchable database of individual reviews of film, video/DVD, television, music, books and games 
  • Native Networks - online information about film, video and radio produced by indigenous people of the Americas and Hawaii 


  • PsychScholar - collection of web resources for both psychological scholars and beginning student; emphasis on course-related information, tutorials and study aids for the latter.


  • Climate Change - Offers comprehensive information about climate change isues in all parts of society. Organized under seven main categories but links to popular topics under 'Quick Finder.'
  • Climate Impacts Group (CIG) - interdisciplinary research group studying impacts of natioanl climate variability and change on the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Focus on water resources, aquatic ecosystems, forests and coasts.
  • Encyclopedia of Earth - electronic reference about the Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society; free, searchable collection of articles written by scholars
  • National Weather Service - detailed weather, marine and avaition forcasts for cities, counties and states in U.S.
  • SciVee - video sharing site from Public Library of Science, National Science Foundation and San Diego Computer Center. Researchers post short videos or podcasts explaining techniques
  • Visual Elements Periodic Table - provides html and Flash versions of the table; historical background and useful link to Site Overview page for related resources
  • Encyclopedia of Life - ambitous project by an international team of scientists to catalog all knowledge about every species on the planet; work in progress


  • How Stuff Works - starting point for unfamiliar technologies 
  • Structurae - Princeton University's Department of Civil Engineering created the site to showcase works and art of structural engineering from around the world

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